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Mon Pere, who has REFUSED for my entire life to offer advice (or even a sounding board) concerning things he is ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED AND KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT, like the relative merits or demerits of: career choices, education choices, banks, credit cards, loans and finances, etc. etc...

...has now decided that he is going to find an apartment for me Kyoto. )

And oh yeah, have I failed to mention:


That will be all.
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...my father is apparently being treated in the Mayo Clinic, and has been there for several days already.



Ma Mere, who let the cat out of the bag as an aside when she called me earlier today (precipitating my Bwa-huh!?! moment of the century), is very optimistic about his progress, so I found out under the best possible circumstances barring actually having known from the get-go.

So that's good.

In other news, the regular painter has apparently invited his friends over for television, loud conversation, and even louder walking back and forth.

That will be all.
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Scene: It is 12:48 am. Ma soeur, mon pere, and moi are all sitting quietly in the living room, reading books. )

We then had a long discussion about Highlander: The Series, which I'm too tired to transcribe.

That will be all.

ETA: This transcription omits the line, "We still have to watch the He-Man Christmas Special," because I don't remember at which point ma soeur uttered it.
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D.A.R.E. to Teach Kids to Identify Pot. Read more... )

It's true. I had the lamest, most drug-free adolescent and college career possible this side of Mormonism.

That will be all.
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...was had by ma famille today. My father and I have been razzing my mother for the past few weeks after I pointed out that she was of Lawful Good alignment, while my father and I were Chaotic Good. (Ma mere often is the odd one out when it comes to attitudes toward following rules to the letter, strict adherence to established protocol, and the like.)

Today, I had the family gather 'round ye olde laptoppe after dinner for some quality togetherness time--namely, taking the official D&D alignment test. The results? )

That will be all.
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...Six-thirty rolled around, and I headed to Chinese class as I do every week. Had a good class, drove home, and was greeted with stony silence from mes parents. O-kay. This ensued for 10 minutes or so, until I was confronted by my very blustery pere.

Spake mon pere: )

And then the wind went out of his sails, although he blustered for a bit longer in a feeble attempt at recovery. So I had to produce assurances that in the future I would not attempt to "take the car and go somewhere" without informing mon pere in the event that such an urge ever did happen to strike me (it hasn't yet).

Mon pere: *visibly calmed* So how was class today?

AJK: Pretty good. I got a plate.

Mon pere: Huh?

Behold the plate that I got. )

That will be all.


Mar. 14th, 2007 10:08 am
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I'm posting it. So there.

First, I give you a brief birthday morning skit. )

So, with that auspicious beginning, I determined to spend a quiet day at home reading and editing. Until, that is, I got a call from [livejournal.com profile] bran420_7 and [livejournal.com profile] wombatdeamor, whom I've known for over half my life and half my life, respectively. We spent an evening drinking, at Bennigan's, where wombat was good enough to get me a birthay brownie (awesome), before proceeding to a change of venue, where we were joined by Bran's mom and her boyfriend. Then we changed venue again, before I went home during the early dawn hours. And thus ended my birthday.

Only to be resumed on Sunday. )

But the best thing about it was *this.* )

That will be all.


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