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My only regret is that I did not watch it drunk...although the effects are much the same.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

Seriously, I highly, highly recommend this.

([livejournal.com profile] metal_dog5, your thoughts? I know you're online mocking me for other stuff.)

That will be all.
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...led me to go and see American Teen the other day. For those of you who don't already know, I spent a good part of my childhood in Warsaw. )

So, all and all, interesting in that it was actually filmed in a place I know intimately (not in the least for what the director chose to show and leave out), but has nothing to say to anyone who isn't from the area. Meh.

That will be all.
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...I got off my butt and saw The Dark Knight tonight. Read more... )

That will be all.
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Please tell me I'm not the only one irked by his much ballyhooed decision to withdraw as artistic advisor for the Beijing Olympics because of China's then unwillingness to intervene in Sudan.

Maybe Spielberg believes his actions demonstrate altruistic sacrifice in the name of the greater good. From where I'm standing, however, all they demonstrate is that while Spielberg's "conscience will not allow [him] to continue with business as usual" when it comes to China's middling influence over Sudan, it was happy to do just that while China violates the rights of its own citizens.

In other words, Spielberg will intervene in a situation where China has no direct control over violations of human rights, but he's not brave enough to make a stand against a much more egregious violater who can offer him publicity (and perhaps product tie-ins and licensing fees), and whose abuse of its own citizens isn't currently considered sexy by TV news networks.

Way to strike a blow at the heart of human repression, Steve! Your ability to look the other way when there's great personal benefit to you is sure to strike fear into the hearts of wealthy, influential human rights-violating regimes the world over!

That will be all.
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...happened to be going to see No End In Sight. Which happens to be the single best explanation for the mess that we are currently in in Iraq, and I urge everyone who reads this to go check it out.

Once you've recovered, you will be highly, highly impressed.

That will be all.
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...while my father attended his bagpipe lesson. (No, I'm not kidding and no, don't ask.)

In said Meijier they had several children's books, with such attention-grabbing titles as Jack In Singapore and Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End. And I looked1. And they do appear to tell the story of the movie, right down to the feel good Disney closing line.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but At World's End isn't out in theaters yet, is it? So, wtf, Disney? Are even you acknowledging that it's going to be so bad you see no danger in spoiling uncritical little kids?

1 Mostly because I was looking for pictures of Jack Davenport. But don't tell.

That will be all.
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...especially when one discovers that WallyWorld is now stocking Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. I was good and didn't buy it (this time) thanks to the $17.98 price tag. But come on.

That's not too unreasonable a price to pay for the chance to watch Changgeum get all homicidal and gun happy. Right?


(In my defense, I am a fan of Park Chan-wook and already own Old Boy. So it's not just because I know I'm goint to crack myself up humming 오나라 every time Changgeum blows someone away. Because you know sweet little Changgeum is gonna be laying down the law in this one.)

That will be all.
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...that The King's Man (aka King and the Clown) is being released in a country whose language I comprehend (Japan), now, when I am not in that country and thus can neither see it on the big screen, nor partake in the inevitably massive merchandising/media frenzy that is undoubtably accompaning it.

The other abiding irony is the dratted Border's Rewards coupons. I am able to go Sit With The Books once a week. I would happily exercise my option to purchase the books were I able to get to the bookstore at any time between Thursday and Sunday, when the Rewards coupons are valid. Alas, this is not within the realm of possibility. You may therefore imagine my happiness when, upon checking my email this morning, I discovered a 40% rewards coupon in the inbox...for tomorrow. >.<

And for the final irony, I've got everything in order for my applications, except for the dreaded professor's recommendation. I really do not see how grad schools can, with apparently no intended irony on their parts, state that they favor applicants with strong career experience while simultaneously requiring at least one letter of recommendation from a former professor. I doubt very many people keep in close contact with their former profs while building up that impressive employment history. Again, >.<

That will be all.
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Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] amasugiru ::clicky:: )

Yup. I read books.

That will be all.
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...and otherwise revel in my literary/cultural l33tnessez.

First of all, the Universe is a cruel mistress. It's now November 5th, and I still a) have not seen the Borat movie and b) managed to convince my friends that it is worth seeing.

I first encountered Ali G/Borat/Sacha Cohen whilst living in Japan, when I was put in charge of the Yank lineup for a British/American comedy faceoff held between those two expat groups. Da Ali G show was put forth by the former, which included the scenes where Borat went to the historical renactment park and was nearly lynched by a stadium full of hicks after performing the Kazakh 'national anthem' for them. Good stuff.

Which is why it bugs me that he's being hyped so much over here. Hands off my Brit!Com knowledge l33tness, fellow Americans!

I am further dismayed by the fact that Patrick Suskind's Parfume is being turned into a movie. I first read that book in middle school, and boy did it creep me out. The idea of it as a Hollywood production creeps me out as well, but on a different level. How are they possibly successfully adapt it for the big screen?

I also hear that The Historian is in pre-production as well. And here's me with my warm glow of satisfaction, having thought, Finally, a book no one could turn into a movie! >.<

And last but not least, [livejournal.com profile] metal_dog5 (I believe it was) has informed me that the His Dark Materials trilogy is to be directed by the guy from the American Pie flicks. (And what a bunch of craptastic celluloid wastage those movies were.) He's apparently a big fan, but still.

Of course, I was really bitter six years ago when I heard that LotR was being fucked up--excuse me, filmed again, and far from being a disaster, Jackson's adaptations were heavenly. So perhaps there is hope.

That will be all.
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I knew about ten minutes of film were cut from The King and the Clown. What I did not know is that that includes a scene (and oh my god WHY wasn't it in the movie) in which Jang-sang MOUNTS Kong-gil.


Forget the kiss with the king (which was so clumsily unerotic that the editor snapped away from it as fast as he could), this is where the money's at. Dayum.

That will be all.


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