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...and little substance. )

Come on, Gaga, admit it: You're just pissed you didn't think of it first.

That will be all.
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...Fuck you. It would have been nice to know you were discontinuing your shuttle service in 2011 two weeks ago, before I purchased tickets to that 9 pm show. As it stands now, I've got to decide if it's worth the ticket price + the $25 cab fare or the walk through ghettoland1 DC to get to you.

No love. That will be all.

1I mean it--I watched my first person die of a drug overdose while riding a bus through the neighborhood. And that was at noon.
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Out of curiosity I decided to check in with my mp3 player and see which albums I listened to the most last year--sort of my 'best 10 albums in '10.' (Although not all of them were necessarily released this year and I'm only counting English-language ones.) Read more... )

That will be all from 2010. Have a great New Year, everyone!
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Two books, ( have at it. )

That will be all.
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Remember back in the day, when, if you didn't know the answer to a question and your friends didn't know it either, you just...never got the answer? Thanks to the wonders of wikipedia and teh intranets, those days are few and far between now...but not gone forever.

I am a huge fan of EDM/clubbing, and I have a ginormous collection of promo mix CDs by various DJs acquired in about six or seven countries. But the thing about promos mixes is that they tend not to list the individual tracks used in the mix. One of my favorite CDs is a 2005 mix with an awesome closer that mixes Amazing Track A with Amazing Track B. Thanks to google-fuing some lyrics, I was able to determine that Amazing Track B was some version of 2Raumwohnung's "Sex Secret." When youtube got big a few years ago, I was able to further narrow it down to this Moguai mix. But the lyrics to Amazing Track A are buried too far down in the mix, and it has eluded me for close to half a decade.

Incidentally, my newest fandom is Michelle Phan, who does makeup tutorials on youtube. I have freaked out no less than two friends within the past week by commenting on how good they look--which I never do. Turns out they weren't wearing makeup on those occassions, which should give you an idea about my attitude toward cosmetics in general. (I wasn't trying to be snide: I had no idea they weren't wearing makeup. I just unconsciously think people look better without it.) Still, it's fascinating to see how scientific makeup fans get about the whole thing, and Phan has a really melodious voice and wicked taste in music to boot.

Including Amazing Track A. OMG! After four years, I finally know what it is. It is Another Chance by a DJ set called Late Night Alumni. And I am pretty damn sure I have seen their albums at Parallax Records downtown. This has made my day.

That will be all.
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1. Put your music player on random.
2. Find photos of the first 20 artists/bands/ that come up (no repeats and no cheating).
3. Have people guess who the artists/bands are.

Read more... )

Full disclosure: Yes, I "cheated." I cheated like a motherfucker. If you don't like it, then you try finding pictures of DJ Flywheel or Anabraxis. Hell, even the ones I kept are going to be hard. One or two of them have obvious clues that I couldn't be bothered to edit out, but good luck on the rest.

That will be all.
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...namely, to enjoy live music. It's so not about the education.

Because guess who has tickets to go see **THE THERMALS** again. Oh. That would be me.

(Seriously, you cannot understand how elated I am over this. Although if I'd been smart I would have bought the tix at the box office to spare myself the heinous TM surcharge.)

Other live acts on the horizon include Local H, The Hives, and Electric 6, all of whom I will be seeing, and The Meat Puppets, Girl Talk, and Gossip, which I might be seeing depending on how soon I can get a job (and a place to live. No one in my family needs to see my post-concert sweaty and hopped up on energy drinks self.)

Also! The club music! Tiesto. Tiesto! Is doing a live show a park (which I will alas, not be attending thanks to their obnoxious ticket pricing scheme. But Paul Van Dyk and 1/2 of Deep Dish will also be doing shows. And I will be going.

Man, I hope I get some studying done while I'm here.

That will be all.
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Own my soul. )

All in all, EXCELLENT.

That will be all.
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...in cooperation with the lj of [livejournal.com profile] pussreboots. Les rules: List 10 songs that begin with the letter given to you and explain why you picked them. Leave a comment and I’ll give you a letter to use for your list.

K tunes, 'Kay? )

That will be all.

Music Meme

Oct. 7th, 2006 11:28 am
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Comment and ask me for a letter. Then go and open your iTunes (or whatever). Look at the songs that begin with the letter I gave you and pick ten. Post the titles and tell us why you chose them.

Spake [livejournal.com profile] amasugiru, I dub thee 'L' )

Let me know if you fancy a listen to any of these; I'll see what I can do.

That will be all.
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Vive Sleater Kinney.

Seriously. Dig Me Out made me start playing guitar again after I'd abandoned rock music for Irish.

The only thing that could possibly prevent me from weeping rivers of blood tears over this development would be if Peaches were getting ready to release a new album.

And whaddaya know...she is!

Even better is the fact that it's called Impeach My Bush.

I would have the crazy platonic mindsex with this woman any time she wanted me to.

That will be all.


Nov. 3rd, 2005 11:47 pm
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Just returned from Niigata and a Dragon Ash concert. )

That will be all.
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No, really. Because this shit has gone too far.

I dislike being punished for things I //once had// no intention of doing )

That will be all.


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