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...kicked off with a full week of me working at Kinji until 10 or 10:30 each night. Which was not exactly fun, but necessary nonetheless, because pretty much every yen I earned I dumped right back into Japan's tanking economy this weekend at USJ and Summer Sonic.

USJ was...Read more... )

Summer Sonic wasRead more... )
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...is freakin' gracious. I love those guys.

That will be all.
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

That will be all.
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I love them so, so much.

Opening bands were History and Reporter. History had an interesting vibe, with some really cool instrumentation (keyboards & Moog prodigy on top of D/G/B). Their drummer is also crazily talented. Vocalist didn't do much for me though.

Reporter was kinda standard garage rock fair, although I imagine I'd like them a lot better on CD--and thus hear (let alone understand) the vocals.

The Thermals? Rocked, as always. I was once again at the front of the stage, which I really like, because you can see all of the interaction that goes on while the band plays, and that's at least as interesting as the music. (Otherwise, just listen to the CD.) And these guys have really good chemistry.

Oh! And I took some pictures on my cell phone, which actually turned out halfway decent. Way to go, little cell phone! )

The only thing that kept the evening from perfection was, of course, the lack of a [livejournal.com profile] bran420_7 and [livejournal.com profile] wombatdeamor.

That will be all.
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...namely, to enjoy live music. It's so not about the education.

Because guess who has tickets to go see **THE THERMALS** again. Oh. That would be me.

(Seriously, you cannot understand how elated I am over this. Although if I'd been smart I would have bought the tix at the box office to spare myself the heinous TM surcharge.)

Other live acts on the horizon include Local H, The Hives, and Electric 6, all of whom I will be seeing, and The Meat Puppets, Girl Talk, and Gossip, which I might be seeing depending on how soon I can get a job (and a place to live. No one in my family needs to see my post-concert sweaty and hopped up on energy drinks self.)

Also! The club music! Tiesto. Tiesto! Is doing a live show a park (which I will alas, not be attending thanks to their obnoxious ticket pricing scheme. But Paul Van Dyk and 1/2 of Deep Dish will also be doing shows. And I will be going.

Man, I hope I get some studying done while I'm here.

That will be all.
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Own my soul. )

All in all, EXCELLENT.

That will be all.
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...have been preempted for a post about the awesomeness that was Thursday's Godsmack concert. )

That will be all.
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Wow, it's been a long time since I've really updated, eh?

I've been seriously depressed as of late. )

But this weekend made things much better. )

Then came a weekend of relaxation, Indian food, Nepalese, coffeehouse goodness, and busking in a local park. Oh! And the boxes from China have arrived, so I have those to look forward to too.

That will be all.


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