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I kicked off today by reading in the WaPo that Homeland Central has the highest per capita ratio of pedestrian and biker deaths of any major U.S. city. The article continued by saying that the majority of these deaths took place at intersections, because D.C.'s motherfucking batshit drivers have a tendency to speed through turns without checking to make sure that no one is in the crosswalk. This makes sense. I would need a Hindu deity number of hands to count on my fingers the amount of times some batshit motherfucker in an SUV has nearly plowed over me as I try to cross the street with the light. The article recommended that D.C.'s motherfucking batshit drivers not attempt to complete their turns until pedestrians have cleared the crosswalks. This struck me as an eminently reasonable suggestion.

I mention this because, having dropped off Landmom at the front door of the clinic where she was going for a check up today, I needed to make a left turn onto the side street where the facility's parking garage was located. The light turned green with no oncoming traffic in sight. I began turning, making sure to give the pedestrian in the crosswalk ample time to finish crossing and feeling quite content about my attention to safety--I am a defensive driver! I will not become another statistic in this city's vehicular homicide rate!--when a burst of police sirens startled both the pedestrian and me. He stopped in his tracks, allowing me to turn and get out of the way of the police vehicle roaring down the street...

...which followed me onto the side street and pulled me over. The officer got out of his car. I rolled down the window, frantically wondering if my break lights were out, if my turn signals were out, or if my tags were expired.

Turns out it was none of those things. The officer had pulled me over to reprimand me for yielding the right of way to the pedestrian in the crosswalk. "He had enough time to stop and let you through," I was told.

Again: Highest per capita ratio of pedestrian deaths in the nation.

That will be all.
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...and little substance. )

Come on, Gaga, admit it: You're just pissed you didn't think of it first.

That will be all.
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...Fuck you. It would have been nice to know you were discontinuing your shuttle service in 2011 two weeks ago, before I purchased tickets to that 9 pm show. As it stands now, I've got to decide if it's worth the ticket price + the $25 cab fare or the walk through ghettoland1 DC to get to you.

No love. That will be all.

1I mean it--I watched my first person die of a drug overdose while riding a bus through the neighborhood. And that was at noon.
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LJ, I have a problem. )



That will be all.
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...but until I manage to do so, feel free to check out this asshole. )

And for dessert, I give you this delicious screencap, taking by one of the other commentors.

That will be all.
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Are cloves and bidis really illegal Stateside now? Seriously?

Way to add one more tiny addition to the list of Reasons Why I Should Stay in Asia, idiots.

That will be all.
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I was recently chastised by the boss for coming in to work "late." (Where "late" = "five minutes before the start of my shift.) Apparently employees are now required to come in ten minutes before the shift officially starts...although this begs the question of why they don't just have the shift start from the time they want you there. Telling me my shift starts at 1:00 when I have to be there at 12:50 is not going to fool me.

In other Violation of Labor Law news, we were recently told that employees who work the closing shift will not receive overtime when we stay past the end of the shift (in principle, this works out to anywhere from 40 minutes to one hour after we're officially "off the clock"). The reason? Because, our break periods are not deducted from hour working hours in return. This begs the question about how breaks are handled for the people who clock out before close but still receive the same break periods, or people like me, whose shifts are set up in such a way that we don't receive any breaks. Until I receive a satisfactory answer (hah!) I have resolved to count my transportation allowance toward my overtime, and ride my bike to work the appropriate amount of days to make up the difference.

In more amusing news, the Boss Boss came up to me with a couple of pairs of long johns in his hands. (Incidentally, we sell these second-hand long johns for about $15 a pair.) "AJK-san," he said with a half-embarrassed, half-exasperated expression. "What do Americans use these for?"

"Oh," I said, somewhat taken aback. "Pajamas, or, uh, for when it's cold outside."

So there you have it, folks. Used long johns, retailing at $15 a pair because the boss didn't know what they were for.

On another amusing note, women's nighties are tagged as "fairy one piece"s and sold with the dresses.

Oh, Japan.

That will be all.
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...are you expected to work seven hours off the clock.

That will be all.
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Japanese university courses are generally conducted on the following pattern: the professor assigns a student to outline each week's reading and recite said outline to the class. This means that the amount of work turned into to the professor is pretty low compared to the West; conversely, said presentation pretty much determines at least 50% of one's grade, since the professor has precious little else by which to evaluate one's performance.

Well, I was meant to give a presentation for one of my classes this coming Monday, but the weeklong cancellation in the face of the dreaded Swine Flu means the semester's schedule has been pushed back a week. Thus, my presentation is now on the 15th. That's kind of a problem since I'll be in Seoul that day...for a wedding, no less, which it's not something I can just back out of.And here my troubles begin. )

Luckily, Ando-sensei is infinitely more sensible than the college office. )

That will be all.
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...have an おばちゃん level up. )

That seemed to solve things for a month.

Until last night, when Japan proved yet again that its logic is not Earth Logic. )

That will be all.
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Favor to ask you guys: can you tell me what you see under the cut?

Read more... )
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...than to read any article titled Cheney warns of new attacks.

It didn't inform me.

It made me want to punch him in the face AND NEVER STOP.

That will be all.
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This is not pretty.

Flashback: 1.5 weeks ago. ) I start carrying my phone with me at all times, sleeping with it in my bed.

Interlude. )

Fast forward to tonight. )

Oh, but it gets *BETTER*. ) Awesome.

ETA: So the whole time I was talking to Drainpipe Feud Lady and Kul and his wife? Massive gobs of Clearasil all over my face. It doesn't get any sweeter.

That will be fucking all.
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Full text is here, because I do NOT want it archived on my lj.

The basic thrust of it is this: hymen reconstructions are becoming ever more prevalent in France, so that Muslim women can receive certificates of virginity to show their future husbands and in-laws. Of course, all of this is abetted by the greedy, immoral surgeons who make it possible.

I mean, oh wait. These medical "providers" really do have the patients' best interests at heart.

Those who perform the procedure say they are empowering patients by giving them a viable future and preventing them from being abused — or even killed — by their fathers or brothers.

“Who am I to judge?” asked Dr. Marc Abecassis, who restored the Montpellier student’s hymen. “I have colleagues in the United States whose patients do this as a Valentine’s present to their husbands. What I do is different. This is not for amusement. My patients don’t have a choice if they want to find serenity — and husbands.”

Oh, really. So you're doing it out of the good of your heart, to save lives.

Then why fuck are you charging $2,900 to the women whose lives you're "saving?" I mean, since your motivation is compassion in the face of this life-and-death scenario, and not anything base like personal profit.

I rest my case.

That will be all.
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I pay a hefty technology fee to AU. This technology fee goes toward things such as providing students with email access. Yesterday, my email was "migrated" from university servers to a "solution" hosted by none other than google.

Yup. I no longer have a university email account. I now have a gmail account that the university claims is still a university account. In other words, I am now paying several hundred dollars for the "privilege" of using a service available for free on the Internet. Above and beyond pointing out that this is like suddenly myself being forced to pay for the right to breathe air, it pisses me off in other ways. Namely, I do not like the fact that American University is forcing me to let third parties invade my privacy.

Don't get me wrong. I already have a gmail account and I love it. I'm fine with using it for things like mailing lists and sending pictures to friends, because it's amusing to get adverts for "Comfort with Style for Men & Women Shoes for the Otaku Generation!" every time someone sends me a squeemail about manga.

But I draw the line at my "official" email address. You know, the one I use for actual real life purposes. The one that knows everything about me, like what banks I use, what credit cards I own, what charities I give to, what classes I'm taking, and the contents of my communication with my bosses, both for the freelance work and the K Street gig.

Indeed, even though I have fewer than fifteen emails in my box at present, the gmail ads are already heavy on finance (my bank and credit card statements), and news (the K Street stuff). Also, I'm worried what will happen to the emails on the older server--those are my communications with profs, bosses, my bank, advisors, and the dual degree program.


That will be all.
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...The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals ruled today that it is perfectly legal to take pictures up women's skirts in public places without their consent. Yeah, you read that right.

The defendant in the case was all of 16 years old. Above and beyond the revulsion any reasonable human should feel upon hearing the court's decision, the ruling also begs the question: why was this guy not tried for creating child pornography?

That will be all.
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..."People have been searching for you on Spokeo." As is my standard practice with all such annoying spamnation (WAYN, Friendster, etc.), I promptly reported the email as spam without opening it. But I had vague memories of [livejournal.com profile] metal_dog5 informing me about a particularly virulent gmail phishing scam a few days ago. ([livejournal.com profile] metal_dog5, was this the one you informed me about?) At any rate, a quick google search turned up some pretty scary stuff. )

I leave you with one final worrisome thought: somebody's obviously done me the dubious favor of sharing my email address with the site, however unwittingly. Does this mean they're compiling information on me, even though I have in no way articulated that I am okay with them doing so or opted to make use of their "service" myself?

So guys, don't sign up for this. The less users and more bad press these creeps get, the better.

That will be all.
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Please tell me I'm not the only one irked by his much ballyhooed decision to withdraw as artistic advisor for the Beijing Olympics because of China's then unwillingness to intervene in Sudan.

Maybe Spielberg believes his actions demonstrate altruistic sacrifice in the name of the greater good. From where I'm standing, however, all they demonstrate is that while Spielberg's "conscience will not allow [him] to continue with business as usual" when it comes to China's middling influence over Sudan, it was happy to do just that while China violates the rights of its own citizens.

In other words, Spielberg will intervene in a situation where China has no direct control over violations of human rights, but he's not brave enough to make a stand against a much more egregious violater who can offer him publicity (and perhaps product tie-ins and licensing fees), and whose abuse of its own citizens isn't currently considered sexy by TV news networks.

Way to strike a blow at the heart of human repression, Steve! Your ability to look the other way when there's great personal benefit to you is sure to strike fear into the hearts of wealthy, influential human rights-violating regimes the world over!

That will be all.
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So, St. Louis University, a Catholic school, banned the performance of the Vagina Monologues on its campus last year. Quoting an email on feministing: )

Gee, I hope the university stuck to that "no redundancy" policy by banning all on-campus celebrations of Ash Wednesday last week, observances of Lent, and any and all future observances of Easter, Christmas, and any other annual feast days. Cause personally, I sure can't think of anything more redundant than holiday productions that have been occurring more or less continously for the last 2,000 years.

Just saying.

That will be all.


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