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...on the likelihood of there being a plague of locusts awaiting me when I returned from ze job this afternoon.

Well, no locusts (yet). What I have instead are massive, nickel-sized houseflies. And a faint, yet pungent smell of rot coming from somewhere in the vicinity of my bedroom. Methinks one of the MOUSES/rats/squirrels/neighbors has crawled into a wall somewhere to die.

Oh, Fastness. I think I'm due for a "character" level up any day now, and it's all thanks to you...

That will be all.
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And I'm the butt. Still, 勘弁してくれよ! )

That will be all.
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This is not pretty.

Flashback: 1.5 weeks ago. ) I start carrying my phone with me at all times, sleeping with it in my bed.

Interlude. )

Fast forward to tonight. )

Oh, but it gets *BETTER*. ) Awesome.

ETA: So the whole time I was talking to Drainpipe Feud Lady and Kul and his wife? Massive gobs of Clearasil all over my face. It doesn't get any sweeter.

That will be fucking all.

Le Temps

Jun. 16th, 2008 11:58 pm
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The longer I live in Homeland Center, the more I come to understand that it, too, has a 梅雨. The past month or so has alternated between periods of intense heat and humidity, and even more intense thunderstorms.

As someone who spent a fair portion of the last decade in Asia, the former doesn't bother me as much as it does other H.C. transplants. After all, I've been dealing with it for years, and at least now I get to do so with air conditioning and insulated walls.

As for the latter, I have always loved storms. And with the landparents gone, I am free to observe them from the Upper Levels whenever I desire. I've seen some pretty excellent stuff, from a bunch of wrens waiting a truly torrential downpour under the front eaves and a mourning dove lifting alternate wings to the rain in order to bathe on the power lines behind the house.

Last week, I saw lightening strike a tree in the neighbor's yard. Today, I watched another storm blow that tree over. A bit frightening, but pretty amazing all the same.

That will be all.
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...my father is apparently being treated in the Mayo Clinic, and has been there for several days already.



Ma Mere, who let the cat out of the bag as an aside when she called me earlier today (precipitating my Bwa-huh!?! moment of the century), is very optimistic about his progress, so I found out under the best possible circumstances barring actually having known from the get-go.

So that's good.

In other news, the regular painter has apparently invited his friends over for television, loud conversation, and even louder walking back and forth.

That will be all.
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...Drumroll, please... )

That will be all.

Oh. Well.

May. 8th, 2008 02:39 pm
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Apparently the landparents decided to have the entire 2nd and 3rd floors stripped and repainted.



...Just saying.

That will be all.

My Vigil

May. 8th, 2008 12:44 pm
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So, the landparents have left me alone in the Subterranean Fastness for a month while they visit relatives. Far from being freaked out, I rather like being alone. I haven't journeyed much to the Upper Levels, but it is nice to be able to sing at the top of my lungs whenever the mood strikes and do laundry late into the night. Besides, I was told neighbors would keep an eye on the house too, so there was nothing to worry about. O RLY? )

And so the stalemate continues. What a way to spend my first free day.

That will be all.


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