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...like having to turn in a 25-page research paper, knowing that the professor will cheerfully deduct points from one's grade for every miniscule typo and grammatical faux pas, on the same day for which the assigned readings appear to have been edited by a dumber specimen of the chimpanzee family. I mean, we're talking one to three typos per page.

For example, I give you this little gem, culled from one reading's endnotes on HIV transmission vectors in Burma. )

In case you missed what's amiss in this picture, here it is again, spelled out for you. )

To which all I have to say is: )

That will be all.
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...on the continuing political unrest in Pakistan, which you may read here. Alas, I had to go take the piss out of it. )

I've only been out of bed two hours, and already, I am for the win.

That will be all.
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...courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] pussreboots, the mess that is the Detroit book depository. )

That will be all.
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I've archived the text version below, but here's a link to the online version with the photographs. Of course it's interesting in and of itself, but the cool thing about it is that I've been to one of the three recently renovated temples it mentions; in fact, I was there about one week after it opened to the public.

So here's the article: )

and here are the pictures I took at the newly restored temple )

As you can see, very cool stuff. And the best part was that we were the only two people there, because it wasn't in any of the guidebooks at that point.

That will be all.
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To commemorate my last day in the country. ::clickity:: )

That will be all.
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I find myself rather bemused by this country, where transportation and commerce work just like China, but where I (ironically) can't read any of the signs. The guidebooks wax ecstatic about the Old Quarter; I find it to be a po' man's Fuxingmen. I'm sure this will all chance once I'm outside of the tourist trap areas and into the actual tourist areas.

It is a point of pride and satisfaction that the motorcab drivers leave me the heck alone (when compared to other tourists)--I must not look like a typical n00b visitor. In a related note, I was hit by my first motorcyclists within 60 minutes of having left the hotel. They appeared to be high school students (probably too young and unlicensed) and were much more terrified after the fact that I was. (Aside from the obvious discomfort of unsuspectingly having a motorcycle's front wheel shove itself between my buttocks, I was unscathed--the kids couldn't have been going more than 5km/hr at the time.)

Took a long walk around the city this afternoon to get a feel for how things work before I start trying to buy food/transportation/items. Again, it's a lot like China, but with French colonial architexture, signs in the Roman alphabet, and the occasional palm tree. My suspicions that I am an East--not South--Asian personality grow ever stronger.

At any rate, some picspam. )

That will be all.

ETA: Wrote this entry two days ago but photosuckit refused to load, thus preventing me from picspamming you at the time.


Nov. 20th, 2005 10:45 pm
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Today some friends and I headed up to the Kurobe River Gorge for 紅葉, or the changing of the leaves, which is a big deal here in Japan. Boy howdy, how 'bout all those pictures? )

That will be all.
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Astute readers may remember me threatening to do this late last September. Well, I'm a woman of my word, so let's talk Kenninji. If guidebooks were anything to judge by, it's nothing special, but it is perhaps my all time favorite temple in Kyoto. Kennninji was the first Zen temple built in said city and belongs to the Rinzai sect, which is cool because it's the sect where they slap you around with sticks to enlighten you.

Perhaps this is why Kenninji rocks my socks so terribly much.

The first thing of note about Kenninji is that it's got some really beautiful Zen rock gardens. You can actually sit down and enjoy them because unlike Ginkakuji or Ryoanji, Kenninji isn't well known.

Cut for image-heavy like woah Kenninji Love. )

In closing, this temple rocks.

That will be all.


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