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...for cutting 100% of California's budge for domestic violence programs.

Which just goes to show you yet again that rich white people have no idea what it's like to be poor and helpless, nor do they particularly give a fuck in many cases.

That will be all.
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...Drumroll, please... )

That will be all.
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Here's your answer: Question: which of these foreign heads of state just visited America?
a) Gordon Brown
b) The pope
c) Lee Myung-bak

Answer. )

Frankly, this is why Americans fail so miserably when it comes to international relations, and why we ended up with 4,000 war dead and a horrible president, but one that most of us deserve thanks to our willful ignorance.

'But the pope spoke out about human rights!' say the naysayers. )

That will be all.
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Why isn't anyone in the media refering to Shaha Riza as Paul Wolfowitz's mistress. Not "girlfriend." Not "companion." Mistress. Because that's what she is, seeing as how he is married to someone else. The only conclusion I can arrive at is that one's marital status is not considered scandalous if one is a Republican party whore.

And also: the Iraq War Funding bill was, as anyone even slightly familiar with the news is aware, both vetoed by the President and then essentially re-vetoed by the Republican part, where only one person voted to override said presidential veto. It's all very disgusting.

Even more disgusting is the news media's complicity in these events. After all, Congress could have just sent the bill back to the President following the veto. And sent it back again were he to re-veto it. And again. And again. All without changing a single word. It would have shown Bush up for the arrogant, infantile obstructionist he is.

Of course, they haven't done that, and I hold the media responsible for the way they chose to frame the issue. No talk about Congress sending the bill back ad nauseum; lots of talk about the Democrats appearing anti-war, the Democrats unnecessarily stalling because everyone knows the President will veto the bill, talk about the bill itself being a "gesture" and a futile one at that, talk about it all being symbolic, about the Democrats "needing to make their point."

Americans are political retards. If the news doesn't bring something to their attention, they by and large are not aware of it. The news media didn't bring the resubmitting tactic to the public's attention, ergo the public did not even know to put the pressure on their officials to resubmit. Thanks, news media, for fucking us all over.

Finally, if I see CNN, MSNBC, or NBC run one more clip of Bush conflating the Iraqi insurgency with "Al Qaeda" and "those who attacked us on September 11th," without once pointing out that Bush is lying...well, you can imagine what will happen. It won't be pretty. Six years out and the media is still giving him a free ride. Why can't these people do their god damn job?

That will be all.
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I am so utterly disgusted with the news media right now, I could vomit.

Specifically, all the rabid finger pointing about the Virginia Tech administration "not having done enough."

It sure makes a nice soundbite. But it's ridiculous and it needs to stop. )

That will be all.
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No, really. Because this shit has gone too far.

I dislike being punished for things I //once had// no intention of doing )

That will be all.


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