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So Landmom's viewing and funeral were this past weekend. I have never been to a viewing before. It cemented my desire to be cremated upon death if natural burial is not available. Oh my god it was morbid and gross, like some creep's joke of what Landmom looked like. I was not prepared for that at all.

Daughter and family were all incredibly sad, as you can imagine. She told me she wishes she'd believed me when I told her how bad her mother was doing, as did multiple neighbors. So I was very much down in the dumps this weekend--why didn't you guys believe me...when it counted?

Daughter also asked me to move in with her father and keep an eye on him. She said it would be "different because the craziness with Mom is over" and that I "must be spending a fortune on [my] apartment." Both are true. But the first begs the question as to what would happen after the craziness with Landdad starts (which it eventually will), to say nothing of the question as to why this is a good idea when no one listened when I sounded warning bells about Landmom.

You will not be surprised to hear that I politely refused.

The funeral itself was very lovely, much different than the fire and brimstone fundamentalist/evangelical funerals I'm accustomed to from INakaville. So that was nice. Over a hundred people also attended, which was great both for Landmom and her family.

Now. On to the LIBRARY.

Oh, did I not mention? The new library ACROSS THE STREET from where I live just opened today. I planned it that way when I moved but still. Still. Even having counted down the days and hours it is glorious. It is GLORIOUS. Seriously. I can come home from work, change, go to the library, go home for dinner, go back to the library, borrow a movie, take it back home and watch it, and go back to the library. Librarians at three branches in two wards this city already know me by name. The librarians here are going to think I work here.


That will be all.

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Geeze, it sounds like LM had the same morticians as my grandmothers. FYI, viewings can occur even for cremations. It's part of the healing process for some and cynical me thinks it adds $$$ to the cost of the funeral. Like the silk lining for their comfort.

She told me she wishes she'd believed me
[rant redacted] It's not your fault. You did all you could and if she was so wilfully blind and deaf to the person who lived in the house - I hope it eats at her for the rest of her days. AND THE FUCKING GALL OF ASKING YOU TO TAKE CARE OF HER DAD BECAUSE SHE ULTIMATELY CAN'T BE ARSED TO. IF IT'S TOO HARD &/OR DANGEROUS TO HAVE HIM LIVE ALONE, FIND A SUITABLE NURSING HOME/HOSTEL/UNIT WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE TRAINED TO LOOK AFTER & CARE FOR THE ELDERLY. How you didn't punch her in the face is beyond me.

LIBRARY! LIBRARY! LIBRARY! That sounds awesome :D


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