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...and I'm like, Oh, hey, earthquake. )

Aside from slight to moderate damage to a bunch of federal buildings and some metro line in the suburbs, I think everything is okay. Here's hoping they don't discover we're on some heretofore unknown fault line.

That will be all.

I <3 Japan

Nov. 9th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I have a big presentation coming up on Wednesday. I logged on to the computer tonight with every intention of preparing, but predictably ended up fucking around online instead. I even logged onto facebook (which I am normally loathe to do) in my desperation to avoid doing any work.

Little did I know that hitting the 'log in' button not only logs one into facebook, but also triggers an earthquake. Because that is exactly what happened when I logged on. So, seeing as I was already online with the intent to procrastinate I surfed on over to the Japan Metereological Bureau homepage to see what it had to say about the divine punishment I'd just pulled down on Kyoto for my unwillingness to write my presenation outline.

True to form, the Bureau had a full breakdown of the earthquake, complete with satellite image of the epicenter (::cough:: my neighborhood ::coughcough::) within five minutes of the tremors. And they had another one up with five minutes of the second earthquake I apparently triggered by logging on to Livejournal. (For future reference, procrastination logins to fb rank warrant a 2.9; lj a 3.1, and I have a new superpower.)

Japan, never change.

That will be all.


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