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All of China: settle the eff down.

It so happens that I had a birthday celebration to attend this evening. I was worried I wasn't going to make it because of the half inch of ice that got puked up onto Homeland Central last night. As it turns out, the ice was not a problem.

The problem was that pretty much all of China got puked up onto Connecticut Avenue. Oh yes, I thought as I passed the 32nd tour bus disgorging meandering middle- and old-aged Asians onto the sidewalk and street. Hu Jintao is in town today.

Unfortunately, it took Hu Jintao longer than these sightseers had anticipated to make it back to his rooms (which ironically were in the Omni Shoreham, right across from the apartment I vacated a month ago). This resulted in me nearly getting assaulted by a bunch of ornery old Chinese men wielding full sized Chinese flags on iron flag poles, because they didn't think I should be walking back down the street across from the building where the illustrious head of the CCP was staying.

So there I am, trying to get explain that the front desk is holding my mail for me and I am in the neighborhood so like it or not, this meiguoren is going in to get my mail, Chinese head of state in the vicinity or no. Luckily two of the eight million police officers standing around took pity on me and escorted me across the street. I feel really bad for the folks at Open City, though, because those same militant Chinese dudes were telling people they couldn't go in there to eat, presumably because they didn't think anyone should be enjoying seasonal Belgian ales across the street from good ole Hu.)


That will be all.


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