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In which I conduct an experiment.

Here's TWIB from March 8-14, 2010.

1) 「韓流」のうち外 - 徐勝, 黄盛彬, & 庵逧由香 編
    The Ins and Outs of the Korean Wave –So Sun, Huan Sonbin, & Anzako Yuko

The more Japanese scholarship I read, the more I discover that Japanese interpret the term “scholarship” to mean “Write a chronology of something and include a few throwaway references to the academic trend du jour to make it topical. Critical analysis optional.” While The Ins and Outs is far more scholarly than, say, The Hot Winds of Hallyu, it suffers from an annoying paradox; namely, that the most academically rigorous essays it anthologises are the least directly related to the Korean Wave while those essays that deal with the Wave directly rely on hearsay, personal testimony, and vague statements about its affects in Japan and elsewhere with no hard figures to back them up. In short, while the essays in this book are interesting, they aren't a very useful source of information on the Wave. Make of this what you will.

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